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if self harm is
for attention
why don’t you know
the reason the girl
who sits behind you
in math
wears sweaters every day
and if eating disorders are
for attention
why don’t you know
the girl who stares at you on the bus
hasn’t eaten in a week
and if suicide is
for attention
why don’t you know the reason
the boy who used to
eat lunch at your table

i just started crying


I asked if you were okay,
You said, “I don’t know.”
It was 2am and I understood you were having a bad time again,
I know how you get every once in a while,
You sit in your room shaking because your thoughts get the best of you sometimes,
But you refuse to ask anyone for help.
I offered you my hand but you pushed me away,
You always fucking push me away.
I just wanted to be that person for you,
The one you can talk about your problems with,
I’m awful at advice but I would listen to you talk for hours if it meant that I could hear your voice,
If it meant that I could help you feel better.
I really don’t want you to fade  (via iclungtoy0u)